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Insist on craftsman spirit to fabricate high quality brewing systems.

Lead the brewing industry with innovative ideas.

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How can MICET become a "speaker of craftsmanship"?

I speak for MICET. As we all know, MICET has gradually become a craftsman spiritual spokesperson in the craft beer equipment industry. Now let me take you into MITIC, a secret to explore MICET as the industry benchmark.
During the two days, we visited the equipment manufacturing workshop and learned about the production and after-sales process of cutting, sheet metal, forming, welding, polishing, lifting assembly, equipment quality inspection, point delivery, etc. The entire workshop environment is in accordance with the 6S workshop standard. Management, all processes are managed in accordance with the standardized “PDCA” plan (Plan), implementation (Do), inspection (Check) and processing (Action). Each process undergoes strict quality inspection before entering the next step. The interlocking ensures zero error in the processing of the beer equipment. Strictly regulated management and institutional construction of the company's development of rigid regulations and rigid constraints. Without the rules and regulations, the quality of the equipment has been continuously improved and improved through the introduction of advanced management experience and the quality standards that are dynamically adjusted.
In addition to the rigid management constraints and institutional norms, we have also experienced the profoundness of MICET craftsmanship, innovation awareness, teamwork and elite culture, and infiltrated every detail of the company's development. In each of these links, the MICET has become the gene of success behind the industry benchmark - the craftsman spirit.
So, how is MICET become a "speaker of craftsmanship" in brewing equipment industry?
Since its inception, MICET has written Innovative and Craftmanship into its own name, reminding the company's generation of employees to keep moving forward and to be dedicated to the beer making equipment. The company's slogan is innovation for everyone, only through continuous technological innovation, continuous evolution, and continuous absorption of innovation, so that their equipment will always be at the top of the industry development, improve the automation of equipment manufacturing and the convenience and automation of equipment use. It takes at least thirty years for a tree to grow into a towering tree. Because of love, so focus. The culture of brewing is spiritual, material, tangible, and intangible. Different regions, different barley and hops, different waters and different cultures will produce different beers. This ever-changing beer making process has brought countless challenges to the brewers, and it has brought unparalleled sense of accomplishment. It has made countless people deeply love this skill, and is fascinated by this skill as a career dedicated to one's life. MICET adheres to the ingenuity of "just to make a good set of equipment". MICET can achieve such a specificity, which can be said to be inseparable from the spiritual culture and material conditions of MICET. The top-down craftsmanship leads the MICET staff with a high level of spiritual belonging. At the same time, MICET also provides employees with excellent material security and a sense of belonging to employees. “A bright future and mutual development”also reflect the determination of Micet’s absorb the elites in the industry. Only through continuously learning professional knowledge, improving their professional and technical level, cultivating and attracting elites to join, and combining traditional beer brewing techniques with modern biotechnology, can we improve scientific and technological research and development capabilities, achieve quality improvement, and create real craftsmanship.
Therefore, after many years of study and summarization, MICET has passed the "five--three research" eight tasks, while ensuring the "four good" quality of the brewing equipment. "Five" means: refined product research and development, refined procurement and supply, refined product inspection, refined finished product packaging, and refined quality management throughout the process. "Three services" refers to: pre-sales project analysis guidance and technical support services, timely sales of equipment production updates dynamic services, and after-sales rapidly provide solutions to any problem services.

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