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500L 1000L brewpub brewery microbrewery tanks for bar brewery


Product origin:China

Delivery time:30days

Supply capacity:10-20sets/month


500L 1000L brewpub brewery microbrewery tanks for bar brewery
Special design for brewpub, bar,microbrewery
contact design, save your room and investment

500L 1000L brewpub brewery microbrewery tanks for bar brewery

This kind 500L and 1000L brewery system is special for commercial microbrewery, brewpub brewery, bar brewery and brewery in restaurant; it's compact, save your room and investment. It's suitable for microbrewery, brewpub, bar or restaurant that room is limited.

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No.ItemMain system 
1Milling systemmalt mill300-500kg/h

grain auger,

 grist case

Brewhouse systembrewhouse
2vessel or combi+HLT3vessel,4vessel
3Fermenting fermenter1000L2000L
Cooling system
Cold water tank+chiller2000L; 5HP3000L; 10HP
50L or 100LCIP cart
6Control panelSemi-autoPIDPLC
7Bottle fillerSemi-auto4 head6,8,10head
8Keg fillerSemi-auto1 head2 head
9Keg washerSemi-auto1 head2 head
10Diatomite filter
rough filterfine filter

The system includes several parts as below:

1.Malt milling system

300-500kg/h malt mill(two roller)

auger system(option)

grist case(option)


2. Brewhouse system

SUS304 ,316(option)or red copper(option)

2,3,4vessel brewhouse(mash tun, lauter tun, kettle,whirlpool);

Hot liquor tank;

plate exchanger;

centrifugal wort pump(VFD)& centrifugal hot liquor pump(TEFC-washdown)

stainless steel platform or fiberglass platform

glass manway(customize your logo)

grant tank


separated control panel(option)

steam heating,direct fired(option)

inner mirror polishing 0.4-0.6μ

CE,UL,CSA or CUL listed motors


3.Fermenting system

SUS304 or 316(option)

conical bottom,double cooling zone,

using pressure 0.2-0.3Mpa

CIP arm

blowoff arm

ratation racking arm

sample valve

PVRV or bunging valve

pressure gauge


butterfly valves

4inches dry hops port(6inches option)

carbonation stone(option)

temperature meter(option)


4.Cooling system

Cold water tank

glycol water tank


water pumps

photobank (21)_gaitubao_com_700x455.jpg

5.CIP cleaning system(2veesel or 3vessel)

Caustic tank

Disinfection tank

washing pump

VFD control(option)

CIP cart(option)


6.Control system


Touch screen

Remote control(option)


7.Filling system

Keg washer&filler,

cask filler, cask washer

bottle filler&capper

bottle filler_gaitubao_com_700x455.jpg

Gurantee:3years for the all of the tanks; life time technicial guide

Service: installation, commissioning, training how to brew beer, on line technical guidance






Competitive advantage:

  1. Professional team, including salesmen, engineers, designers, procurement, manufacturer crew, QA&QC, all of us work together for your brewery dream.

  2. Experienced workers, including, welders, polishing men,assembling men, the most important is the QA&QC.

  3. Professional manufacturing machine, including polisher, welder.

  4. Professional, experienced engineer help you solve after service problem in time.

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